EVA Batch inkluderings Film

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This EVA batch inclusion film is specially designed for the automatic FFS (form-fill-seal) packaging machine to make little packages (100g-5000g) of rubber additives and chemicals. Bags made of the film can be direct put into an internal mixer during rubber mixing process.

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Zonpak TM  EVA batch inclusion film is a special kind of packaging film with specific low melting point. It is mainly used on the automatic FFS (form-fill-seal) packing machine to make little packages (100g-5000g) of rubber additives or chemicals. Due to the film’s property of low melting point and good compatibility with rubber and plastic, these little packages can be direct put into an internal mixer during mixing process, and the bags will melt and fully disperse into the mix as an effective ingredient. It brings convenience to the material users and eliminates packaging waste disposal. 

Different melting points are available as customers required. Stable chemical properties and high physical strength of the film make it suitable for most rubber chemicals and automatic packaging machines. 


tekniske standarder

Smeltepunkt 65-110 grader. C
Fysiske egenskaper
strekkfasthet MD ≥16MPa   TD ≥16MPa
Bruddforlengelse MD ≥400%   TD ≥400%
Modulus ved 100% forlengelse MD ≥6MPa   TD ≥3MPa
Produktets overflate er flat og glatt, er det ikke rynker, ingen boble.

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