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Zonpak New Materials Co., Ltd.  is a leading manufacturer and supplier of low melting point packaging materials and products for rubber, plastic and chemicals industries. Located in Weifang, China, Zonpak serves customers worldwide.

As a pioneer in the field of low melt packaging, Zonpak now has three series of products with final melting point above 70 degree Celsius: Low Melt EVA  Bags, Low Melt EVA Film and Low Melt Valve Bags. Stable melting point, easy to open, high tensile strength are general advantages of our products. Low melt EVA batch inclusion bags are used to pack the compounding ingredients in rubber or plastic mixing process. The bags together with the contained materials can be direct put

into an internal mixer, so it can provide cleaner working environment, accurate adding of additives and chemicals, save materials and help reach consistent production process. Rubber chemical and additive manufacturers can use low melt EVA packaging film or low melt valve bags to pack their materials into different weight sizes. The EVA packaging film is suitable to make 100g-5000g small packages, and low melt valve bags are for 5kg, 10kg, and 25kg packages. These packages of materials can be shipped to customers and direct put into an internal mixer. With no need opening the packages in the whole process, it can help protect environment, save materials and time, increase the core competition power of the chemical and additives manufacturers.

Em di avakirina brand me bi nuhbûn gav û bi kalîte stabîl bawer dikin. materyalên cuda û berhemên ji bo pêdiviyên serlêdana taybet mişteriyên 'hatine pêşxistin. teknolojiya pêşketî, alavên yekane û pêvajoya standard misogerkirina qalîteya aram û bi radestkirina kirina emir adeta. sîstema kontrolkirina kalîteyê me ISO9001 e: 2015, mor, û berhemên testên yên German PAHs, YE RoHS û SVHC derbas bûn.